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Techwood 1800W Stainless Steel Dual Hot Plate with Stay Cool Handles(Black)

Techwood 1800W Stainless Steel Dual Hot Plate with Stay Cool Handles(Black)


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Puts out usable heat temp controls are accurate and responsive

As you see it sits well on top of my 1800.00 dollar built In 2 burner summit is better than the original range top it gets hotter,more controllable ,the iron tops give a very even temperature and cool off slowly so you can keep food hot while I get the rest of the meal on the plates .it also has gripping feet that keep it from slipping about when I am sautéing mushrooms .I am actually cooking real meals not just heating up cans of food , I am 73 I can say that it is perfect for downsizing,my mother has given it the Australian seal of excellence to it.


I've had it a few days and so far , I'm happy.
I bought it to replace my old one , that had a cracked ceramic plate. This one gave me the option of ceramic or cast iron plate. I'm glad I chose cast iron. It heats slow , but stays hot a long time. You can turn it off and it will still cook the pot or pan on it.


I Love this stove it really helps when there is no electricity and you cant use your stove just connect this one to a power generator and works like a big stove cooks fast


It's a pretty good electric stovetop, especially for the price I'd say its decent enough for a first timer looking for a an electric stove.


Heats up super quick for a consistent heating up super happy cooking funtime!