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Techwood Hot Plate, Electric Stove for Cooking,1500 Watts Electric Hot Plate, Power Indicator Lights, Easy to Clean, Temperature Controls(Silver)

Techwood Hot Plate, Electric Stove for Cooking,1500 Watts Electric Hot Plate, Power Indicator Lights, Easy to Clean, Temperature Controls(Silver)


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The compact size of our burner makes it an easily accessible item to take on the go wherever an extra cooking device is needed, at school, office, camping trips, or home.


Powered by 1500W, the Techwood electric stove heats food faster than conventional cooking ranges. Modern brushed stainless steel housing. Non-slip feet for stable cooking. Ergonomic design ensures safe transport and stays cool on the stovetop for all your cooking needs.


Techwood Hot Plate's compact and flat design makes it perfect for dorms, studios, offices, RV/caravans, camping, everyday use, or as an extra cooking appliance in the busy kitchen. Because of its small and light size, you can easily use it in confined spaces or anywhere.


The power indicator light on the front of the burner reminds users when the item is powered ON; nonskid feet ensure the burner remains stable during use.


Techwood offers a 30-day hassle-free return policy & 12-month promise. We assure you that no other hot plate beats our products' high-caliber quality & efficiency. Our products are all covered by Product Liability Insurance of the United States. For details, please refer to the instruction manual.

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Customer Reviews

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Cindy Haynes
Perfect for travel

Compact and easy to clean. Perfect for vacation and hot pot! Love that it has the handrails too

Sear Machine
Sear Machine

Gets hot fast. Bought this to keep from turning the kitchen inside into a steakhouse. Works with all Pans. Lightweight, this gets the job done. Sears up meat with no problem

LK Barry
Love it!

I was totally shocked at how well this heated & the level of control it had. Good weight that keeps it from moving around. Love the handles to move it around & it stored easily since it's not huge. I make my own candles for personal use & have had a few spill near misses on my new stove so I decided it was time to get one of these standalone burners. And it worked perfectly for melting/heating the candle wax, no problems with not getting hot enough or getting overly hot. I can definitely see myself using this for more than just candle making.

Doug G
Terrific hot plate side addition cook surface!

This little hot plate cook top is great and I use this all the time next to my BBQ / Smoker setup. The element heats up quickly and evenly dissipates the heat. I use this to cook beans, boil veggies and sear steaks using pots, pans and skillets. Very sturdy design that is easy to store and very easy to clean. Great product and a must have for additional cook top needs!

Reliable heat.
Reliable heat.

I was told I could no longer use my cast iron cookware when I purchased the new electric glass top stove. I proved them wrong with this purchase; it works great!