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Techwood 1500W Stainless Steel Single Hot Plate with Stay Cool Handle(Black)

Techwood 1500W Stainless Steel Single Hot Plate with Stay Cool Handle(Black)


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Works okay if you use a small pan no bigger than burner.
About 285 degrees set a bit under medium.
Heats up fast .


It came packaged well and the whole thing feels sturdy. The griddle heats things up about twice as fast as the double burner ones we replaced. You can cook eggs and sausage within 7 minutes on this. You should have a dedicated circuit or be only thing on it when plugged in. The handles make it easy to move it as you won't get burned, and bottom has plastic feet to keep it above any surface. We got this for student rental in basement.


Our kitchen renovation began so we had to decamp to the living room and set up a mini-kitchen. The microwave, air fryer, tea kettle and coffee maker seemed like enough. I like scrambled eggs or an omelette in the morning so I checked out hot plates. This one had mostly good reviews so we took a chance on the Techwood hot plate. It works just fine. I didnt give it five stars because I dont know about its longevity but it is sturdy and heats up as expected.


Very nice design,heats up very nicely and retains it heat, which I use this hot plate for a fondue pot that the hot plate for it burnt out.Im very pleased with the product.


Small but powerful
I bought this item more than a month ago. I wanted to use it a few times first before giving any review. My first impression of it was it's just a small single burner stove. Although small in size it's well built and sturdy. The best thing for me though is how it performed when I started using it. It really exceeded my expectations. It heats up really fast and you can use any kind of cookware. You can use a heavy cast iron skillet or a stock pot filled with water with no problem. This is the perfect product to bring if you're going on a camping trip. Or if you want to cook something but you don't want the smell to linger inside your house, just bring this bad boy outside or in your garage maybe and cook your heart out.