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Techwood 1500W Indoor Smokeless Grill with Tempered Glass Lid(Black)

Techwood 1500W Indoor Smokeless Grill with Tempered Glass Lid(Black)


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Customer Reviews

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David Garry Brown
It Worked!

Worked as advertised! Cooked pork chops, no smoke, easy cleanup!

No Smoke and Easy to Clean

This grill works exactly as advertised. Beef rib steaks and T-bone steaks were juicy and delicious after grilling.
The only down side is access to the water tray in the bottom of the grill, the entire grill needs to be dismantle to get to it.

Grillin' it right!

This grill is awesome! We cooked our KBBQ style meats along with filet mignon with scallops and it was GREAT! Truly smokeless and the aroma of food filled the house.
The hard part cleaning up after a full stomache!!! The grill cleans extremely easy!!! Nothing stuck to the grill and no scraping needed to be done. Extremely happy with the purchase. Hopefully this grill last a long time.

Easy to clean, highly recommended

My family wanted do bbq so I bought this indoor grill. Its absolutely amazing. The way it cooks meat is amazing, its so tender, taste so good. It has a fan feature that you can turn on the catch the smoke. Most importantly, its SUPER EASY to clean. It has a plate that you have to fill with water, so when the oil sinks to the bottom, it would float on top. It doesnt get oily or messy. Definitely the best buy I have made in awhile.

I love it!

Nice grill easy to use and no smoke at all we ate like kings good for ppl that live on apartament