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Techwood 15-Serving Electric BBQ Grill for Indoor & Outdoor Use(Blue)

Techwood 15-Serving Electric BBQ Grill for Indoor & Outdoor Use(Blue)


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Carol Schindel
Heating Element

I think the element is to close to the food grill


Excellent Outdoor Grill - with a zit or two.

J. A.
Heats ok. Nice to use indoors

It took me about 45 minutes to assemble. No tools needed, just some gloves to not cut your hands on the metal because some of the parts have sharp pieces. As soon as I assembled it I turned it on high to smoke the oils/finish and stuff off. From reading the comments I purchased a grill mat to keep the smoke down and the cleaning easy. It definitely smoked up the room when I first turned it on, but while cooking it smokes about as much as frying something on the stove. I think the grill mat probably had something to do with it because without it the drippings would have gone onto the heating element. I did notice that the heat would die down a lot when I closed the lid to cook during grilling, but maybe its supposed to do that? For the grill mat, I purchased a regular mat and cut it to fit the grill ( it didnt come circular). This is just my first time cooking on it so it will remain to be seen how long it lasts. But so far I really like it and Im looking forward to grilling more often!

For You To Read
Buy this BBQ and use Ikea bags as BBQ cover for rain season.

The BBQ istelf works great and heats up fast unlike other reviews. It took about 15 mins to assemble. It's not easy to clean so we followed others suggestions and put down aluminum foil under heat source to catch grease and oil. It's easier to not use the screws that hold the heat source on by and easily remove it to clean or change out foil. Hope this helps!

Perfect gift for young adult on their own

I gave the grill to my 18 yr old employee for her bday. She was always eating what i grilled!! Knowing if she would move to an apt that this would still be legal on an outdoor patio or mobile enough for her to setup anywhere. She loved it an is cooking her own meals daily now!! So excited she sends pics daily... hahha. The perfect gift the perfect size and soo versatile